Adidas  tour360 x Boa Golf Shoe Review

    Say hello to the Adidas tour360 x Boa, yet another example of a great golf shoe designed with performance in mind yet with a special emphasis on comfort and, why not, style!

    One of the most outstanding features that impressed me the most was the lightweight construction of these shoes; Adidas chose a synthetic upper featuring climaProof technology, for weight reduction and breathability for your feet, in tandem with the proprietary 360Wrap system. The 360Wrap technology is using the already famous external heel counter and also a TPU saddle for dramatically increasing your comfort and stability on the turf.
    You’ll also enjoy the soft and elastic EVA midsole featuring pureMotion technology, which makes for a highly supple outsole, due to the deep flexible grooves for increased traction and maximum feel.

    For outstanding traction on any turf, the tour360 x Boa comes with a 9 spikes design outsole, thanks to the proprietary ThinTech low profile Swing Plane Traction technology used by Adidas in high performance golf shoes. Adidas completely re-designed the sole and they’re now using a brand new cleat system, namely CenTraXion, which keeps your feet very close to the ground, improving feedback and stability during your swing.

    The Boa closure system is quite innovative as it’s placed on the top center tongue, thus allowing for step by step pull and push detailed adjustability for a perfect fit.

    With a price tag of $180, two years waterproof warranty and an already proven “wide forefoot design” for exceptional levels of comfort, the Adidas tour360 x Boa are the best choice if you seek impeccable feel, fit and style, all in the same package.