Nike Lunar Waverly LE Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Waverly LE is a limited edition available in black only and can be regarded as the next generation of spikeless golf shoes from the US based manufacturer. In terms of design, what we’re dealing with here is an old school, vintage looking shoe but rest assured because Nike included some of their best technologies into their build. Hence, if you like classic looking shoe which can deliver promptly on the golf course, the Waverly Limited Edition may be the answer to your prayers. These babies have a price tag of $150 and they’re “back in black”, featuring a completely dark colorway, including the outsole.

    Even if their design is very similar to Nike’s early models, you’ll be glad to hear that the Waverly LE are built using Nike’s proprietary Lunarlon cushioning system and the waffle sole will make these shoes at par (performance wise) with any other pair of modern golf footwear.
    Nike’s Dynamic Fit combined with the cork insole gives the shoes stability and comfort, making them the ideal choice for casual golf players.
    Due to their interesting/retro design and spikeless sole, the Nike Waverly can be worn with excellent results both on and off the golf course without anybody noticing anything unusual, and that’s great in my book.
    Blending the street style with a spikeless outsole design, Nike created a comfortable and stylish golf shoe that offers improved fit vs the previous generation.

    I must say that the Lunarlon midsole is responsible for making these sneakers exceptionally comfortable for walking, due to the squishy foam injected in the middle of the shoe, that absorbs all the shocks during your game or while you’re taking a stroll on the golf course. The outsole features a waffle-like/spikeless design with waffle lugs, which offers huge amounts of grip and traction while maintaining its flexibility, without becoming obnoxious, on any kind of turf.

    The upper is built using a leather/suede combo that’s waterproof and it features a small Flywire for improved fit.

    I must confess that Nike’s Waverly LE are in my top three most comfortable golf shoes ever.