Oakley Cipher 4 Golf Shoe Review

    The Oakley Cipher golf shoes can be described best by “the bold and the beautiful” phrase, featuring an avant-gardist/spikeless design and a $150 price tag. These babies look surprisingly beautiful and different when compared to any other pair of golf shoes I’ve ever tried, they’re also incredibly light, comfy and definitely not waterproof (they’re not even advertised like being water resistant, so it’s okay). They feature a low profile, designed with practicality in mind and the upper is made from synthetic leather, which is incredibly light weight and looks pretty cool indeed. I can only recommend wearing the Cipher 4 in dry environments, where they’ll perform admirably. If you’re searching for a smart looking, lightweight golf shoe which offers good levels of traction on all kinds of turfs, the Cipher 4 are a match made in heaven for you, as they will not disappoint even if pushed hard.

    One interesting factoid about the Oakley Cipher 4 is that they’re the lightest golf shoes available on the market, at least that’s how they’re advertised, and as soon as you’ll start wearing them you’ll understand what I am talking about. They feel like they’re not there, providing you with proper ventilation, outstanding comfort and zero fatigue during your game. And on top of that, they look amazing. Oakley managed to keep the weight down using their latest technology, namely the Nanospike system on this spikeless design golf shoe. As far as grip/traction goes, these babies will perform admirably, being almost as good as traditional spiked/cleated golf shoes. The exceptional amount of grip is due to the outsole design which features heavy textured sandpaper patches (the Nanospike thing). Also, the Nanospikes are user replaceable; a replacement kit retails for about $20, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Bottom line, it will be hard to get a better pair of golf shoes at this price, but be warned: I recommend these only for fair weather golfers or indoors use.