Nike Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Control 3 was created in collaboration with pro-golfer Rory Mcllroy and represent a triumph of design and good engineering put together in a performant yet still pretty good looking golf shoe.

    The main characteristics of the Lunar Control 3 can be summarized as it follows: ultra-light and tuned for performance on the golf course, offering maximum control and stability in a cleverly designed package. I can bet that you’ll feel a significant boost in your game play if you give these babies a chance.

    With a price tag of $170 and available in a multitude of colorways, the Nike Lunar Control 3 were designed with a little bit of help from Rory for greater traction that prevents slipping during enthusiastic swings on rough terrains. Nike mitigated these problems using a smart design, namely by using extra traction elements/additional spikes on the outsole and also by creating a wider base, thus increasing stability. Being relatively wide, these golf shoes help you to stay in close proximity to the ground during your game and if you add into the mix the midfoot shank built from carbon fiber, you’ll begin to comprehend what I am talking about: stability and excellent feedback doubled by impressive control in any conditions.
    The upper of the shoe is using Nike’s Flywire technology, which is basically an adaptive high-tech lateral support gizmo featuring strong cables for securing your foot very effectively. Also, being built using a microfiber-based synthetic compound, the upper is water resistant and it will keep you warm and protected even if you’re playing during a thunderstorm. The midsole uses the ultra light and soft Nike Lunarlon foam, for pro active cushioning and unparalleled comfort, being excellent if you’re playing golf for extended periods of time. Bottom line, if you require a really stunning golf shoe at a reasonable price, the Nike Lunar Control 3 is a match made in Heaven!