ECCO Casual Hybrid II Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO Casual Hybrid II retail for $170 a pair and they’re built around ECCO’s proprietary E-DTS outsole concept, like all the sneakers in the Hybrid range. What does that mean, you asked? Well, E-DTS is an abbreviation for ECCO Dynamic Traction System, meaning that the spikeless designed outsole incorporates approximately one hundred molded traction elements/lugs that make for eight hundred traction angles for each sneaker. As you can imagine, these babies are built for outstanding amounts of comfort (a trade mark of spikeless outsoles) without compromising the shoe’s performance on the golf course. The ECCO Casual Hybrid II will provide you with excellent grip and traction on any kind of terrain and they’re built to last. The traction lugs are constructed using a tough TPU which is way more resistant to wear and tear when compared to traditional rubber.

    These shoe are designed to be water repellent, as they’re using ECCO’s HydroMax technology, which prevents the leather upper from hardening after recurrent drying/wetting in harsh climates. These shoe will remain flexible and comfy year after year, without losing their breathability and softness. The specially designed leather insole adds further to comfort, and if you don’t like it you can remove it easily. The ECCO Casual Hybrid II is built using a direct injection process, offering you a flexible and anatomically shaped fit. Thanks to this technology, these shoes are built without using glue or stitching, making them feather light thus improving overall performance and comfort.