ECCO BIOM Golf Lace Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO BIOM Golf Lace shoes have a pretty steep price tag of $240, but they’re worth every penny. As you probably inferred from the BIOM thingy, these sneakers are developed and designed around the Natural Motion concept, an ECCO proprietary technology which is aimed to enable your feet to feel “like home” when wearing these shoe, i.e. you’ll pretty much feel like you’re walking barefoot in these babies. And that’s awesome, I mean these shoes are supremely comfy and cozy and by emulating walking barefoot, you’ll benefit from lots of advantages. For example, wearing the BIOM Golf Lace for extended periods of time will revive your ligaments, muscles and tendons. They just feel like you’re playing barefoot, and that works miracles for your health, believe me folks. Basically, playing golf in these shoe will strengthen your feet, while the overall performance of your gameplay will benefit enormously from the high-end technologies incorporated into their build.

    Now let’s get a little bit technical and see what makes the ECCO BIOM Golf Lace shoes a likely candidate for your golf locker. First, let’s start with the upper made from HydroMax treated Yak leather, one of the best choices for building a high performance/premium looking and feeling golf shoe. Yak leather is much stronger and durable than regular leathers used currently in manufacturing footwear. The HydroMax treatment makes the upper waterproof and breathable, adding further to the incumbent quality of the Yak leather. The last is anatomically shaped for providing you with a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort and stability during your swings. The insole uses a triple component for enhancing performance and cushioning while the shank system is built for stabilizing the midfoot area. ECCO uses flex grooves in the forefoot and a symmetrical heel construction for adding further to the shoe flexibility and cushioning. The outsole is made from dual density Natural Motion TPU for excellent traction and great feedback, keeping your feet as close to the ground as possible. In terms of traction capabilities, the ECCO BIOM Lace come with a spiked outsole which uses Stinger Spikes and a proprietary Q-Lok system, meaning that you can play your favorite game on any kind of turf/any type of climate without losing grip.