Adidas Adipower Boost Golf Shoe Review

    Adidas Adipower boost may not be the best looking golf shoes, but in terms of performance and comfort, they’re playing in a league of their own. And that’s where the boost thing comes into play. These shoes are created using Boost Technology, which is derived from basketball and running shoes and incorporated into golf shoes. What’s so special about Boost? Well, the trick is that Adidas uses Boost Technology for cushioning the under-heel part of the shoe, providing you with lots of comfort and responsiveness when it matters the most: during your swing. Boost Tech consists of thousands of tiny TPU capsules which are glued together using a steam molding process and the trick is that they expand/contract as you walk/move on the golf course, storing/releasing energy as you walk and swing.

    Basically, the shoes using the Boost technology act like a trampoline of some sort, but without making you feel awkward, like floating/bouncing around. These shoes are supremely comfortable and a joy to wear during your golf game. The upper is made from a high quality synthetic material, flexible and robust and, thanks to the padded collar, it offers a perfect fit for the ankle, along with excellent grip and comfort. The traditional three stripes pattern on the side of the shoe also improves stability during the swing, being not only adidas brand logos but part of the lacing system, wrapping around your foot and holding it tight.

    The puremotion sole is built using a special PU rubber and it features adidas Gripmore soles technology, being a spikeless design yet providing you with lots of traction on any type of terrain. These shoes have a sporty look, they’re waterproof and breathable and they’re available in 4 colorways: two white versions, a black and a silver version, with a price tag of $190.