FootJoy ContourFit/ContourFit BOA Men's Golf Shoes Review
©FootJoy Golf

The FootJoy ContourFit/ContourFit BOA retail for $99.99 and $119.99 respectively for the BOA version (both prices are MSRP) and they're engineered to make your life better, i.e. to help you experience the ultimate comfort that never quits, to quote from the company's marketing-jingle. The FootJoy ContourFit benefit from a special design and construction that delivers the ultimate comfort and flexibility, and that's why FootJoy is the number one golf-shoe company in the industry. To describe these shoes in a few words, wearing any of the two (the regular or the BOA version) would feel like walking on a pillow, or driving an old-school Cadillac, also known as a water bed with wheels. Besides their fantastic comfort on the golf course, the FootJoy ContourFit/ContourFit BOA also deliver top notch traction and waterproofing. So, what else can you ask for that price, really? To give you an interesting factoid which proves I am not exaggerating a bit, the FootJoy ContourFit makes for the best selling golf shoe of all time. The company sold more than 8 million pairs to date, and it's relatively easy to understand why if you were reading this review carefully. These babies offer tremendous comfort at a very reasonable price tag, and their latest reiteration boasts an athletic inspired design, whilst their overall look is still conservative, yet without being dull, which is quite amazing.

However, the main reason for the FootJoy ContourFit/ContourFit BOA's success is their out of the box outstanding comfort, as they provide your feet with more than enough cushioning and ample space for your toes. The Fine Tuned Foam 3.0 technology under your feet is thick and soft, while the generous padding around the Achilles tendon works wonders in mitigating those nasty blisters. On the golf course, the FootJoy ContourFit/ContourFit BOA deliver excellent traction and stability, and they also score big in the waterproofing department. The only difference between the “vanilla” ContourFit and the BOA version is the latter's unique heel mounted fit, which integrates the proprietary BOA dial into the heel, in order to provide a more stable fit. Bottom line, considering the price asked, the FootJoy ContourFit will offer you tremendous value for your money, together with the performance expected from the leading company in the industry. Oh, did I mention these shoes are insanely comfy from the first second you slip them on?