Adidas Crossflex Sport Golf Shoe Review

    The Adidas Crossflex Sport is an interesting concept, because it looks just like a regular running shoe and has very little in common, in terms of design I mean, with traditional golf footwear.
    But the looks aren’t everything, because these super light golf shoes were designed with one purpose only: to offer you a perfect connection and balance with the golf course, the turf itself actually, being the equivalent of a BMW, I.e. the ultimate driver’s car. These shoes are basically superb running shoes, in terms of fit and comfort while they’re fine-tuned to work well on the turf. That’s an innovative approach from Adidas, I must give them that.

    With the Adidas Crossflex Sport you’ll have the best of both worlds: the flexibility, comfort and versatility of a regular “sneaker” along with the specific features of a dedicated golf shoe.

    Starting close to the ground, one of the most interesting features of these spikeless golf shoes is the design of the outsole. You’ll find here 6 sided lugs, each one of them featuring cross patterns, thus offering you excellent grip/traction on the turf, way more superior to any regular running shoe and very close to a spiked shoe in terms of performance. These treads run past the edge of the sole of the golf shoe, and this smart design makes for a golf shoe nearly impossible to roll.

    The middle layers of the Adidas Crossflex Sport are flexible and soft, yet they offer enough support and cushioning for making you feel comfortable during your golf game on any type of surface.
    The upper is made from waterproof mesh which actually works, even if the shoes themselves don’t look waterproof at all. Finally, the styling which is almost identical to a running shoe is pretty cool if you’re into this type of design, and the Adidas Crossflex Sport looks very nice with both shorts and pants. If you’re that kind of golfer who enjoys wearing running shoes, well, the Adidas Crossflex Sport are a choice made in heaven for you.