Puma Faas Grip GOLF SHOE Review

    The Puma Faas Grip golf shoes retail for $80 (MSRP) and they're built with Puma's proprietary SmartQuill technology for providing great traction and unparalleled stability whenever you need it the most. As we all know, golf is a very peculiar sport, which requires a lot of concentration and standing still, also a keen attention to details: turning, alignment, tempo and so on and so forth. The Puma Faas Grip golf shoes are built and designed with these things in mind, and they're inspired from the company's training and running line of sport shoes, being cleverly engineered for making you feel as light as a feather on the turf, during prolonged golfing sessions, and to provide you with outstanding comfort all day long, both on and off the golf course.

    For harsh weather conditions, the Puma Faas Grip boast their stormCELL technology, which makes for an interesting blend of waterproof membranes and materials, for keeping your feet dry, thus dramatically improving breathability and overall comfort. Taking these babies for a test drive on the golf course, I've discovered that they feel just as good as they look, being extremely comfy all day long, especially if you enjoy spikeless designs. Another great feature of the Puma Faas Grip is the fact that you can wear them anywhere you want, and they will fit you perfectly right out of the box. Bottom line, if you're looking for a pair of amazing golf shoes, at a decent price, comfortable and durable, offering great traction without sacrificing looks in the process, the answer is Puma Faas Grip.