ECCO Mens Speed Hybrid Golf Shoe Review 

    ECCO Mens Speed Hybrid Golf Shoe Review 

    These vintage looking spikeless golf shoes are retailing for $180/pair, but don't let their looks fool you. Under the “old school” appearance, these babies come fully packed with state of the art technologies for providing you with outstanding performance.  Good looks and top-notch performance, that's the definition of the Ecco Speed Hyrbrid golf shoes.
    At a first glance, they look more like a casual sneaker than a regular golf shoe, especially with their muted colors and their vintage design.

    But what's underneath their skin makes all the difference in the world. For enhancing the shoe's stability and grip, one hundred polyurethane-molded traction elements (or bars)  were put on the outsole. The design of the outsole is very clever, and it provides approximately 800 traction angles for perfect grip on any kind of turf. Also, these polyurethane-made traction bars are way more durable than regular rubber-spikes, creating  the ultimate shoe for the ultimate golfer.

    These stylish and performance based golf shoes also benefit from ECCO's proprietary Hydromax technology, that increases breathability for your feet and also offers great resistance to both perspiration and harsh weather conditions.

    Inside of the shoe you'll find a leather-made sole, for increasing comfort while the top of the shoe is large enough for your toes to move unimpeded. Even if the Speed Hybrids are not marketed as waterproof, the upper of the shoe is made from a water repellent material. ECCO manufactured the Speed Hybrids using a special process that glues together the outsole and the upper units, with the end result being a unibody/one piece shoe that doesn't require gluing or stitching. The benefits of this technology are a firm and impermeable seal and permanent memory.

    There are also additional features, such as a removable inlay sole, made from a textile material (for added comfort/extra width), and the E-DTS  hybrid technology that works in tandem with the TPU made outsole for providing you with a firm and secure grip on any kind of turf.  In conclusion, if you're looking for a Tour proven outsole and a decently priced golf shoe packed with leading edge technologies in terms of performance and comfort,  the Ecco Speed Hybrid is a match made in heaven.