Adidas Adicross Gripmore Golf Shoe Review

    Adidas Adicross Gripmore are a very interesting pair of golf shoes, because they boast with a state of the art, revolutionary hybrid outsole that uses 54 Gripmore cleats and an impressive 286 points of contact with the end result being huge amounts of traction on the golf course.

    Obviously, along with performance, in the good ol’Adidas tradition, the Adicross Gripmore shoe doesn’t sacrifice comfort for high performance. There were no concessions made here and the end result is an absolutely awesome combo of performance, versatility and traction, all in a single package with a decent price tag of just $150.

    As I already told you, what makes these shoes unique is the brand new spikeless-cleat technology used by Adidas, that provides respectable amounts of grip/traction during your swing thanks to the unique pattern of the respective cleats: they are hard and sharp, blending perfectly with the sole, thus the Adidas Adicross Gripmore feels more like a regular street shoe (basically, you don’t feel like walking on nails when playing on hard terrain).

    The Adidas Adicross Gripmore are available in aluminum/grey, white and black and in terms of design they have a classic “street look”, being relatively wider than regular golf shoes. This feature (the extra width) adds to comfort, as you can imagine; you’ll never feel an unpleasant pressure on your feet during the game or while walking around the golf course and that’s very impressive for a high performance pair of golf shoes.

    The upper is made from leather, enhanced with ClimaProof technology and waterproofed.

    Speaking of performance, the adicross Gripmore will get the job done, no questions about that: the grip feels legit on any type of terrain, dry or humid and the best thing about these shoes is that they can be worn both on and off the golf course without even noticing the “translation”.