Footjoy HyperFlex Boa Golf Shoe Review

    The Footjoy HyperFlex Boa retail for $179,99 and they're worn by big names in golf, like Charles Howell 3rd and Jimmy Walker. At first sight, I was flabbergasted by the styling of these golf shoes, especially by the large Footjoy logo on the side, which is really visible and stands out, together with their tick wide sole. Basically, these design features were very different from what I used to expect from a brand like FJ. However, the design serves a clear purpose, it's not about vanity, nor a fashion statement. For example, the large white sole of the Footjoy HyperFlex Boa represents the second gen Fine Tuned Foam, which provides exceptional comfort and also helps you by accumulating energy and returning it in your step, in a spring like action.

    The Fine Tuned Foam 2.0 is more deeper than the previous one and also more striking, visually speaking. The back of the heel in the Footjoy HyperFlex Boa is a tad higher than usual and provides exceptional comfort. These are really high shoes, remember that folks, but the chunkier sole provides more comfort; also, the insole works together with the sole and you can really feel the bounce and the great comfort offered from the pads located under the balls of your feet as you stroll around the golf course. The upper of the Footjoy HyperFlex Boa is made from a waterproof material, similar to the one you can find in running shoes, featuring a plastic mesh over the top for improving the lateral stability of the shoe during enthusiastic swings. This combo is called FlexGrid, it's light and very flexible, but it will provide you with adequate support for not slopping all over the turf. Another great feature of the FlexGrid is the minimal breaking time required (if any); also, let me mention the Soft Tornado spikes with the Fast Twist locking system on the sole, which offer tremendous grip and great support on firmer terrain. Bottom line, if you're the flamboyant type of golfer and you can live with the design of the Footjoy HyperFlex Boa, you'll definitely love the great combo of stability and comfort of these golf shoes, aimed at people who prefer a more sportier look and high performance.