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Pete Styles

PGA Teaching Pro

Pete Styles Turned pro in 1999 and was PGA qualified: Class A in 2002. He has served countless students throughout his 17-year...

Adrian Fryer

PGA Teaching Pro

Adrian Fryer is an internationally recognized coach who has spent a lifetime learning how to communicate techniques in a way that's easily absorbed and put to use...

Tom Stickney

PGA Teaching Pro

Tom Stickney has almost thirty years of instruction experience, and has been praised by with titles such as "Top 100 Teacher", "Best Young Teachers" and "Top 20 Teachers under 40"...

Peter Finch

PGA Teaching Pro

Peter Finch has been coaching golf for over a decade and is a Golf Monthly Top 25 ranked coach, dedicated to improving your technique and love of golf...

Matt Fryer

PGA Teaching Pro

I am dedicated to helping you understand your own golf swing with simple information that can help you become a better golfer...

Dean Butler

PGA Teaching Pro

Dean is our lead senior instructor. He turned pro in 1985 and is PGA qualified Class AA. Dean gears his lessons and tips to specifically improve the game of senior golfers...

Rick Shiels

PGA Teaching Pro

Rick Shiels has been a PGA Golf Professional for more than 10 years, and is one of golf's most recognizable figures...

Natalie Adams

PGA Teaching Pro

Natalie Adams LLB is a PGA Level 3 Coach, TPI certified, and holds a diploma in sports psychology. She will help you achieve your full potential...

Ged Walters

PGA Teaching Pro

Ged Walters is an internationally recognized instructor and is ranked by Golf Monthly magazine as a Top 25 Coach.

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