Golf Glove Reviews

Reviewing and buying a good golf bag is a very important step to enjoying a round of golf. You need a golf bag that will help carry, protect, and move around your golf clubs. It should be a special designed bag to meet your needs. It also can help in storing your clubs when not in use. Most golf bags are made of very durable materials to last for many years even with very demanding use. Golf bags have pockets that are designed and attached to the frame to store the golfers golf balls, golf tees, rain gear, golf gloves etc. Most golf bags have club dividers to make it easier to put golf clubs in and out of the golf bag without rubbing against one another to provide added protection.

  • Carry/stand golf bags with dual straps are for the most part light weight bags so that the golfer can more easily carry the bag with all its clubs and gear for a full round of golf without getting tired from the the golf bag weight. It also has a flip out stand feature with support legs for a much better alliterative then laying the bag on the ground.
  • Cart bags are designed to be used with push carts or motor carts, and for the most part are larger bags with more features.
  • Staff bags are even larger then a cart bag and designed for the pro golfer, and carried by a caddie.

    Picking Out a Great Golf Bag

    Use the criteria below to guide your golf bag search –
    • Walk or ride? This is the main question when looking for a golf bag. If you walk the course during most of your rounds, you will need to find a lightweight bag with a stand. For cart golfers, the weight of the bag isn’t much of an issue, as long as you can easily move it in and out of your car when coming and going from the course. Even if you only walk the course during an occasional round, it still makes sense to buy a walking bag because those bags can easily be strapped onto a cart when necessary.
    • Think about weather. Just like when buying golf shoes, you should also think about weather when buying a golf bag. If you play a lot of golf in the rain, look for a bag that is designed to hold up to the elements while keeping your things dry. For golfers who avoid the rain at all costs, weather protection is not something that will figure into the buying equation.
    • Are you a pack rat? Some golfers like to pack up their bag like they are going on vacation for a week. If that sounds like you, make sure your new bag has room for all of the stuff that you want to take along. On the other hand, if you just need a couple sleeves of golf balls and a bottle of water, you can look for a bag with a minimal design (and price tag to match).
    In addition to the various styles of bags on the market today, many companies are offering a great selection of colors, college team logos, and more. Your bag allows you to have a little fun and show some personality on the course, so don’t be afraid to pick out something that appeals to your own sense of style – as long as it is functional at the same time.
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