Adidas Tour 360 x Golf Shoe Review

    The tour 360x is the latest golf shoes in the Adidas tour 360 family and continues the company’s trend in building lightweight golf shoes without compromising comfort and durability. For achieving this goal, Adidas chose a combination of synthetic leather upper (a type of micro-fiber leather) with their proprietary Climaproof technology and on top of that, they’ve added a brand new ThinTech TPU outsole. The outsole comes with a new 9 cleat design featuring Swing Plane Traction and an innovative CenTraXion system which makes for unparalleled stability and grip.

    The CenTraXtion thingy is basically a design aimed at increasing stability thanks to an X pattern on the outsole. The re-designed TPU makes the 360x golf shoe lighter and also more flexible and stable during the swing. The midsole was improved by adding EVA foam, for additional cushioning and increased comfort. Traction, grip and stability were greatly improved in the adidas tour 360X golf shoe with the introduction of the low profile Stealth cleat design, which provides a larger surface area contact. What makes these golf shoes worth buying is their all terrain versatility, courtesy of the strategically placed zonal traction elements. You’ll also enjoy their unparalleled comfort and grip, the excellent forefoot flexibility, which makes them adaptable on every imaginable surface, at any angle.

    Another major selling point of the Adidas Tour 360 X comes from the use of ThinTech technology, which offers an increased balance/stability and an efficient power transfer due to a lower center of gravity. There’s also worth mentioning the external heel counter working in tandem with the TPU saddle providing the shoe 360 WRAP stability.

    The Adidas tour 360 x have a price tag of $140 and they’re available in six colorways : Grey/White/Bahia Blue, Black/Running White/Dark Silver Metallic, Running White/Black/Silver Metallic