Callaway Men's La Grange Golf Shoes Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway La Grange retail for $199.95 (MSRP) and they're available in four colorways: white/navy, white/lime, white/black and brown. These fashionable and ultra-comfortable golf shoes are aimed at “weekend warriors” and everyday-players alike, featuring Calllaway's latest and greatest technologies, including the POWERdrive Platform, which includes the FusionLite TPU-made outsole with nine removable silver Tornado cleats, built and designed for outstanding grip and stability during your swings, the now-famous Duo-Max midsole, which provides a comfy soft feel on top, and the proprietary/patented POWERdrive midsole, which is molded for unparalleled control and performance.

On a closer look, you'll notice the TPU-made heel stabilizer, which looks a little bit awkward, yet it does wonders in terms of providing extra heel support during your swing. On top of those high tech features, the Callaway La Grange golf shoes boast a full grain leather upper, which looks fantastic and comes with another patented technology, the Opti-dri waterproof protection respectively, making sure your feet will stay dry even in adverse weather conditions. Needless to say, these babies come with two year waterproof warranty from Callaway. Design wise, the La Grange golf shoes have a very classy, elegant, clean, some may even say minimalistic look, making for a very interesting combination between traditional design and state of the art technology, to provide you with the ultimate golf shoe in terms of comfort and performance. Just like basically all Callaway footwear, the La Grange will be ready to wear out of the box, making arguably for the company's most advanced and premium golf shoe to date.