Callaway Xfer Vibe Golf Shoe review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway Xfer Vibe comes with a price tag of $149.99 and they can be described as the ideal shoes for casual golfers shopping for an affordable, lightweight design that doesn’t compromise performance nor good looks. The major selling point of the Xfer Vibe is the “best bang for the buck” thingy, being a golf shoe that brings together performance and comfort at an affordable price and, very important, in a spikeless design. As any casual golf player knows, spiked/cleated golf shoes are not your everyday choice if you’re not a pro-player, right?

    The comfort level in these shoes is absolutely amazing, along with flexibility and good looks; these characteristics go a long way when choosing an all-rounder pair of golfing shoes, isn’t it? And here the Xfer Vibe are absolutely great, being wonderfully cushioned and flexible for providing you with a hassle-free game play all day long.
    If you were worried about the grip offered by this spikeless design, well, you don’t have to; the Vibe delivers optimum levels of traction on any kind of terrain due to the Triangulated Traction technology incorporated into their build, which holds your feet glued to the turf round after round, thanks to the varying patterns/tough rubber compounds on the outsole. In terms of craftsmanship, the Callaway Xfer Vibe comes with 2 years limited water proof warranty and 30 days comfort guarantee.