FootJoy M:Project Golf Shoe Review

    The FootJoy’s M:project golf shoes are actually unlike anything you’ve ever tried, and that’s what the company itself has to say about these babies.

    With a two years manufacturer’s warranty, boasting with its minimalist design, featuring M spec performance leather, a ProTect toe guard, being slip resistant, with a laser thin Duramax outsole, a full rounded toe character, available in a wide range of colors and spiked or spikeless, that basically sums up FootJoy’s philosophy.

    What strikes me the most about these golf shoes is their minimalist design, which makes them very different from other models. The styling is slick and very low(in terms of profile sole) and that’s very good for some players, as high profile sole golf shoes may throw you off balance when swinging. With the M:project you’ll enjoy the sensation of staying as close to the ground as possible, and that’s great in my book. Also, I very much enjoy the wider toe area in the M:project, which lets my toes to spread out in a more “natural” way, helping me to achieve a better balance/movement.

    Being designed for maximum feel due to its minimal construction, the shoe is built using M:spec leather, which is very thin and hugely strong(also waterproof) and the end result is stunning : you’ll feel like you’re actually wearing the shoe instead of the opposite(the shoe wearing you).

    The midsole is incredibly thin, for great feedback (you can actually feel the ground below) and that maximizes your game flexibility, providing you with great balance and movement, without sacrificing comfort nor control.

    Being lightweight and extremely comfortable, the M:project doesn’t actually feels like traditional golf shoes, yet it comes with all their advantages : huge traction on the turf, durable, easy to clean and to maintain and also very appealing in terms of pricing , retailing for just $155 a pair(even lower if you do a little bit of research online). There are four colors to choose from: red/white, white/black, black/lime and brown/taupe.