FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe Review

    I must say that Hyperflex are not what you’d normally expect from a company like FootJoy, because they look casual, just like your typical pair of sneakers. But don’t let the plain looks fool you, because behind this sporty appearance, the Hyperflex golf shoes will keep your feet tight and comfortable all day long and of course, they’ll perform impeccably when it counts the most: during your swing.

    Hyperflex are FootJoy’s boldest approach until now when it comes to innovative golf shoes, as they managed to create a mélange between a classic looking athletic shoe and a golf shoe, two for the price of one. And talking about the price, Hyperflex comes with a price tag of $190/$210 (depending on your preference) but you’ll get more than a pair of sneakers for that kind of money, trust me on that.

    Hyperflex’s novelty consists of two things: the designers combined the wide/stable base of the DryJoys with the feather light upper (made out of mesh, just like in regular athletic shoes) from the M Project and the end result was a very stable and waterproof golfing shoe.

    What makes these shoes unique is the FlexGrid 2.0 technology which is basically an exo-skeleton, a crisscross pattern across the top of the sneakers, for adding additional support and lateral stability to the waterproof/lightweight mesh material underneath. The outsole of the shoe is made of EVA, a rubber like compound which is thick enough to give you a solid base for when you’re swinging. The bottom of the Hyperflex golfing shoe features nine Tornado soft spikes along with cone shaped traction elements, which provide you with exceptional grip and stability on the turf. The sole of the shoe features the best underfoot padding on the market, namely FootJoy’s proprietary Fine Tuned Foam 2.0 for perfect cushioning. All these high tech features don’t add to the shoe’s overall weight, as Hyperflex shoes only weigh 438 grams each, which means they’re 38 grams lighter than the DNA.

    Hyperflex golf shoes are available in five colors (navy/electric green, grey/orange, white/grey/blue and black) and two styles (the regular and Hyperflex Boa, priced at $210); each version has a 2 years waterproof warranty.