ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe Review

    The BIOM Hybrid 2 is the Danish company’s first performance-oriented hybrid golf shoe and with its second generation, it’s better than ever. The BIOM Hybrid 2’s weight was reduced thanks to its spikeless outsole and the thinned midsole which is now lighter and gives the Hybrid 2 a clean look and a sleek appearance. Another benefit that flows from the shoe’s design is its low profile which keeps you close to the ground for excellent tactile feedback during your swings.

    The most important thing in the Hybrid 2 is the improved dual density TPU-made outsole, featuring a two tone colorway for great aesthetics and a “composite” design if I may use the word, which is harder/tougher in certain areas, those who require more stability, while keeping a soft touch in the key comfort areas. Due to this smart design, the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 are a great leap forward when compared to the previous generation, a real evolution in terms of performance and design and that makes them desirable for golf players looking for the ultimate piece of footwear. These babies retail for $195 a pair and ECCO retained the essential features that made the first generation a world-wide hit in terms of sales figures, such as the premium (yak) leather upper that makes for a soft and rich hand feel, the proprietary Natural Motion technology for unparalleled levels of support and comfort, not to mention ECCO’s patented E-DTS system (E-DTS features molded traction lugs with hundreds of traction angles for optimal grip) for exceptional levels of grip/traction on any turf/any weather. Even the insole was redesigned and built using a silicon printing for providing you with additional grip. The Hydromax technology gives these golf shoe exceptional resistance to perspiration and humid weather conditions, without compromising breathability, along with the performance-oriented design in the insole, which is anatomically shaped/performance enhanced for great grip and stability during your swings. Last but not least, just like all ECCO’s golf shoes, the BIOM Hybrid 2 is built using a state of the art direct injection process for bonding the shoe in a “unibody” design, a one piece built that doesn’t require stitching or gluing.