There are plenty of great golf techniques to pick from when you are trying to improve your golf game. It's easy to get pulled in various directions while working on your swing, but you should stick with the basics that have worked for millions of golfers over the years.

The golf techniques we have highlighted in this chart are not the only ones which can help you lower your scores, but they are a great starting point. Use these tips to guide your practice sessions and improved performance should be waiting just around the corner. We hope the advice we have provided will benefit your game in the near future. It includes Information on Techniques Tip Type, Main Feature, and the Articles Links.

Techniques Tip Type Main Feature Article Link
Bunker Shot From Back Of the Bunker Tips
Bunker Shot Greenside Bunker Tips
Bunker Shot Near A Bunker Wall
Chip Shot Three Different Types Of Chip Shots
Weather Conditions Playing Golf in Inclement Weather
Approach Shot Course Management Perspective
The Golf Swing Three Golf Swing Techniques
Aiming Four Tips For Aiming The Club Head
Bunker Shot How to Play the Greenside Bunker Shots
Course Management Ways To Play Dogleg Holes
The Mental Side Help With The Mental Side of Golf
Driving Building an Accurate Driving Stance
Golf Practice Five Ways to Warm Up Before A Round
The Golf Swing A Few Golf Technique Options
The Game Of Golf Ways to Enjoy Golf More
The Golf Swing A Balance Drill for your Center of Gravity
Putting A Single Putting Routine to Repeat
The Lie Accuracy of the Golf Ball
Weather Conditions Adjusting To The Wind
The Golf Swing Gradual Improvements with Swing Change
Fat Shot An Easy Drill To Prevent Fat Shots
Ball Selection Golf Ball Evaluation
Grip Practice Your Golf Grip
Driving Driving Stance Techniques & Strategy
The Backswing Backswing Your Left Arm & Shoulder
The Mental Side Getting Over A Bad Round
Driving Best Techniques for Driving Accuracy
The Golf Swing Best Adjustments With Ball Above Feet
Weather Conditions Best Tips for Playing in the Wind
Putting Best Techniques for Putts
Course Management The Position Game
Course Management Staying Out of the Trees
Putting Sinking Putts
The Golf Swing Quick Swing Tempo
Alignment Building Alignment With Spot Techniques
Grip The Perfect Golf Grip
Bunker Shot Bunker Shot Maintenance
Bunker Shot Bunker Mental Tips
Bunker Shot Center Line Bunker Shots
Chip Shot Chipping from a Downhill Lie
The Mental Side Clearing Your Mind Around Green
The Short Game Playing Close to the Hole
The Short Game Aiming the Club in the Short Game
Chip Shot Chipping Club Selection
Chip Shot Chip with a Single Club
Iron Shot Iron Game Variety Shots
Chip Shot Chip Shot Drill to Visualize a Path
Chip Shot Chip Shot Drill Left-Hand Only
The Pull Shot The Golf Pull Hook
Golf Practice Four Great Practice Techniques
The Golf Swing Keeping Left Heel Down
Bunker Shot Center Line Bunker Shot
Course Management Long Par Three Shots
Club Selection Best Club Selection Advice
The Mental Side New Motivations To Improve Your Golf
Grip Five Fundamentals of a Proper Golf Grip
The Mental Side Tips When Playing a Course for the First Time
Bunker Shot Bunkers in the Short Game
The Game Of Golf Pick a New Course
Ball Selection Golf Ball Fitting
Driving Finding Your Driving Swing Plane
Driving How To Get Off the Tee Driving
Driving Timing & Tempo Driving the Ball
Driving Realistic Expectations with Driving
Driving How To Start with the Driver
Grip Golf Club Grips
Grip Golf Grip Finger Placement
The Golf Swing Picking a Target
Bunker Shot Making Good Decisions in the Sand
The Short Game Grip Pressure in the Short Game
Putting Putting Hand Position
Approach Shot High Shots Around the Green
The Golf Swing Pre-Shot Preparation
The Golf Swing Handling Sidehill Lies
Iron Shot How to Hit Solid Iron Shot
The Golf Swing How to Improve Your Swing Balance
Golf Practice Practice Your Swing Balance
The Mental Side How to Stay Strong on the Course
Hybrid Shot Downswing in the Hybrid Shot
Bunker Shot Important Bunker Techniques
Putting Ways to Improve Your Putting
The Short Game Picking Targets in the Short Game
Iron Shot Iron Shot on the Course
Iron Shot How to Hit an Iron Shot
Iron Shot Setting Up an Iron Shot
Putting Reading Greens when Putting
The Short Game Head Position in the Short Game
The Golf Swing How to Have an Easy Swing
Putting How to Knock in the Putt Every Time
Approach Shot When to Lay Up Approach Shots
Bunker Shot Long Bunker Shots
Bunker Shot Using Other Shots Than the Explosion Shot
The Golf Swing How to Have a Tension-Free Swing
Chip Shot Great Chipping Practice
Bunker Shot How to Swing From a Fairway Bunker
Course Management Course Management Angles
Weather Conditions Playing In Wind
Chip Shot How To Have Successful Chip Shots
Approach Shot A Plan With Shots Around Trees
Approach Shot Shots from Difficult Footing
Approach Shot Shots to the Middle of the Green
The Golf Swing Tips For a Great Golf Swing
Bunker Shot How to Practice Bunker Shots
Driving Tips for Driving Distance
Bunker Shot Fairway Bunker Swing
Chip Shot Making Solid Contact when Chipping
Driving Different Shots with Shoulder Position
Grip The Swing Starts With The Grip
Putting Putting Grip
Putting Putting in the Wind
Putting Four Different Putting Techniques
Putting Putting Style Chip Shot
Golf Practice Mirror Practice
Weather Conditions Dealing With Bad Weather
The Short Game Short Game Difficult Shots Made Easy
The Short Game Short Game Consistency
The Short Game Soft Lies Short Game Shots
The Short Game Short Game in the Wind
The Short Game Short Game Up & Down
The Short Game Uphill Slope Short Game Shots
The Short Game Shoulders in the Short Game
Punch Shot Punch Shot Downswing
Golf Practice Soft Courses Warm Up
The Pull Shot Solving a Pulled Golf Shots
Course Management Course Management Keys
The Pull Shot Drills to Fix the Pull Shot
The Mental Side How to Break Out Of A Golf Slump
Chip Shot Practice Chipping On Fast Greens
Divot How to Play Shots Out of Divots
The Short Game Short Game Shots in the Wind
The Mental Side Stay Focused With New Techniques
The Golf Swing The Connected Golf Swing
The Lie Adjustments for a Downhill Lie
Driving Long Drives Strategy
Bunker Shot Explosion Shot Strategy
The Golf Swing Best Way to Turn Around a Bad Round
The Golf Swing Body Alignment in the Swing
The Golf Swing Problems With Lifting Left Heel
The Short Game The Short Game Swing
Course Management Picking Smart Target in the Swing
The Short Game Using Targets in the Short Game
Ball Flight Using Ball Flight to Determine Distance
The Lie How to Handle Fluffy Lies
The Golf Swing Connection in the Golf Swing
Putting Dealing with Putting Pressure
The Golf Swing Firm Left Side at Impact
Putting Finding Your Putting Process
Bunker Shot How to Hit Safe Out Of Bunkers
Driving Best Way to Shape Your Tee Shot
Driving How to Sweep the Ball Off the Tee
The Slice Learning Lag To Cure a Slice
The Golf Swing Getting Your Hands Right in the Swing
The Golf Swing Balance in the Swing
The Golf Swing Holding Your Swing Together
The Golf Swing Making a Shallow Swing
The Golf Swing How to Swing the Club Properly
The Mental Side How to Get Back on the Fairway
Chip Shot Techniques for Better Chipping
Club Selection How to Learn Club Yardage
Hybrid Shot Fixing Hybrid Impact Position Mistakes
The Golf Swing Fixing an Off Center Face Strike
The Golf Swing Best Golf Tips From Address to Impact
The Golf Swing The Danger of Over Swinging
The Mental Side Dealing with the Effects of Pressure
Chip Shot Nerves When Chipping & Pitching
The Pull Shot The Mechanics of a Pulled Shot
Weather Conditions Strategies for Dealing with Crosswind
Punch Shot Four Tips for the Punch Shot
Putting Positive Mental Tips for Putting
Driving Positive Mental Tips for Long Drives
Wedges The Strategy Behind a Wedge Shot
Course Management Thinking Ahead with Course Management
The Slice Strategy to Overcome a Slice
Bunker Shot Playing the Back of a Greenside Trap
Putting Tips For Holing More Putts
Ball Selection When you Should use the Same Golf Ball
Club Selection Three Points On Club Selection
Putting Three Adjustments for Better Long Putts
Putting Three Techniques for a Better Pendulum Putting Stroke
Driving Three Tips to Boost Your Driver to Maximum Effect
Course Management Three Ways To Help Lower Scores
Putting Three Ways to Hit the Putter Sweet Spot
Putting Tips For Double Breaking Putts
Course Management Three Course Management Points
Course Management Strategy For Soft Course Conditions
Ball Selection How to Pick a Golf Ball
Golf Practice Best Warm Up Tips to Improve Your Golf Game
Course Management Keeping Up with your Ball Striking
Chip Shot Troubleshooting Chip Shots Tips
Hybrid Shot Hybrid Troubleshooting Tips
The Short Game Quick Tempo in the Short Game
Ball Flight The Ball Position Guide
The Short Game Using Mirrors to Improve Your Short Game
Golf Practice Valuable Tips to Use at The Range
The Pull Shot How to Fix the Pull Golf Shot
Golf Practice Practice, Practice, Practice to Get Better
Bunker Shot 4 Tips for a Greenside Bunker Shot
Short Game How to Prevent lateral Movement
The Golf Swing Tips To Turn Your Hips
Short Game How to Practice Chipping
Ball Flight Ball Flight Starts With Ball Position
Ball Flight Tips For Straighter Ball Flight
The Golf Swing The Importance of Balance
Wedges Tips To Strike The Ball Straight With Your Wedge
Approach Shot How To Hit The Correct Approach Distance
Ball Flight Work the Ball Around Hazards, Over Trees,& Under the Wind
The Golf Swing Club Handling to Produce a Consistent Swing
The Golf Swing Location of Your Head Before Impact
Grip Why The Grip is an Incredibly Important
The Golf Swing Club Face at Impact
Putting Proper Lag Techniques