Backswing Techniques Coordinating your Left Arm and Shoulder

In this article about the coordination between your left arm and shoulder, we would like to make a few points. Please find those points listed below.

  • Pay attention as your round goes on. The timing of your backswing is something that can start off on the right foot early in a round – only to go south as the day wears on. You might get frustrated with your play and start to rush your swing, or you may get nervous and slow down as you tighten up. Everyone responds in their own way to the pressure they feel on the course, so it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen to your swing. What we can say, however, is that you need to pay attention to any changes so you can respond accordingly. If you feel yourself rushing, for instance, make it a point to slow down and get back to your rhythm.
  • Take your time going back. If you are going to use a connected backswing successfully, you are going to need to give yourself time to make it all the way through the turn away from the ball. This is a point where many golfers fall into the trap of rushing the action. In a hurry to get the shot over with, many players will force the backswing to finish as soon as possible. Don’t put yourself in that category. There is no reason to rush, so take your time and get all the way to the top of the swing with everything properly connected.
  • Keep your chin up. This is something of a ‘hidden’ swing tip, but it is an important one to keep in mind nonetheless. In order to turn your shoulders away from the target properly, you are going to need to keep your chin up and away from your chest. If you keep your chin down too far, your shoulder will run into it on the way back and your turn will be cut short. You can still keep your eyes down on the ball, but you need to have your chin up high enough to allow your shoulder to pass underneath cleanly.

The coordination of all of the various parts of your swing is one of the biggest challenges in golf. When done right, it looks easy – the swing simply moves back and through, and the ball is sent on its way. Despite this simple appearance, getting yourself to that point is no easy feat. We hope that the tips offered in this article will take you a step closer to successfully using your left arm and shoulder in tandem to guide the golf swing. Good luck!