3 Techniques For Bad Weather Conditions

    In this article, we would like to highlight a few points on the topic of playing golf in inclement weather. We hope that these last few points, along with the content in the rest of the article, will help you get the most out of the game in all weather conditions.

  • Be smart. There is nothing wrong with playing a round of golf in some rain, or on a windy day. But you need to be smart, as Mother Nature is stronger than any golfer, and any golf course. Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation by staying out on the course when common sense says you should head inside. For starter, you obviously need to get off the course (or to a safe location) when thunder storms are in the area. Playing golf when lightning is around is simply a bad decision, and a life-threatening one at that. Even if there are no thunder storms to worry about, strong winds on a course with large trees could be dangerous as well. Always exercise caution and keep yourself – as well as the rest of your group – safe. There is no need to force it, since you can simply make another tee time for a nicer day after the bad weather moves through.
  • Have extra gloves available. If you usually wear a golf glove as you play, it is a good idea to have at least one extra glove in your bag on rainy days. You are likely going to get your first glove wet in a relatively short period of time, so having another option to turn to is important. Consider rotating between two or three gloves during the course of the round so that none of them become completely saturated.
  • Lean on your short game. It can be hard to hit quality long shots when facing tough weather conditions, so turn to your short game to bail you out on difficult holes. While the short game might be impacted a little bit by the bad weather, it should be less affected than the shots you need to hit from hundreds of yards away. Pay special attention to your short game while warming up for the round to make sure that you are ready to play well with your putter and wedges right from the very first hole.
  • Playing golf in bad weather can be great fun. Sure, you probably won’t enjoy it as much as playing on a sunny day with temperatures in the 70s, but you can have a good time nonetheless. Take the advice offered in this article and prepare yourself properly for playing golf in inclement weather. Even if you only play in bad weather once or twice per year, you will still be happy that you took the time to prepare yourself. Good luck and have fun out there!