Executing Plan For Center Line Bunker Shot

    There are two basic stages to any golf shot. In the first stage, you consider all of the factors at hand and decide on how you are going to approach the shot. You pick a club, select a target line, and decide how you would like the ball to fly through the air. Then, you move on to the second stage, which is actually hitting the shot. While that first stage is extremely important, and overlooked by too many golfers, you still have to execute your swing if the planning you have done is going to pay off.

    When confronted with a center line bunker, you’ll want to do plenty of planning. Then, when the planning is done, you can use the tip techniques below to help you execute an excellent swing.

  • Trust the plan. Above all else, you need to completely trust the plan you have made for the shot at hand. In other words, you can’t be doubting your choice when you stand over the ball. For example, if you decided to attempt to carry the bunker off the tee, you will need to be 100% committed to hitting that shot. If you are standing over the ball and wondering whether or not you can actually get over the trap, you have made the wrong choice. You need complete belief if you are going to hit a good shot, so don’t walk up and take your stance until you are able to believe in the plan of action that has been selected.
  • Don’t rush. It is easy to get into a rush with your swing anytime you are playing a shot of significant difficulty. After planning out your shot, you might be tempted to rush through the swinging motion, trying to get it over with quickly so you can see the result. It will be hard, but you need to resist this temptation. Instead, you’ll be much better served to take your time, stay in your normal rhythm, and make a smooth swing. Staying with your normal rhythm is far more likely to result in a positive outcome. If necessary, take a moment in your pre-shot routine to remind yourself of how important it is to have good tempo on this shot.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball. Even though this was probably the first piece of golf advice you ever received, it is still useful in this case. By keeping your eyes down on the ball all the way through impact, you should be able to keep your head nice and still. And when that happens, it is far more likely that you will make solid contact. This is another point that comes down to discipline. You need to have the discipline to keep your eyes and head down, trusting that the ball will be flying in the right direction when you look up from your swing.
  • It is exciting when you are able to successfully bring together a smart plan with a great swing. Of course, that isn’t going to happen every time. Sometimes, you’ll have a good plan, and your swing just won’t work out. In other cases, you’ll make a great swing – but find that you’ve miscalculated the distance, and the ball winds up in the bunker anyway. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you do make a mistake. Center line bunkers are strategically placed by course designers who know how to give golfers trouble. As long as you make smart decisions and stick with the points offered in this section on executing your swing, you should come out in good shape more times than not.