3 Basic Technique Tips For Greenside Bunker Shots

    If your bunker technique is in good condition, you should be able to repeat your swing in the sand over and over again. And, if you are able to do that, you should have an easier time managing your distance. Let’s look at some basic technical tips that you can put to use when hitting greenside bunker shots.

  • Play from an open stance. For a standard bunker shot, you should set your feet open to the target line so you can swing across the ball from outside to inside. This type of a swing path is going to help you pop the ball up into the air quickly, and it will also help you generate plenty of backspin. Once your feet are set open to the line, all you need to do is swing along that same line, with the club moving from outside to inside, and you should have little trouble escaping the sand.
  • Use most of the club. If you are used to choking down on your wedges for chip and pitch shots, you will want to get out of that habit when in the sand. Sure, you can choke down an inch or two, but don’t go much farther than that for a standard bunker shot. You want to use most of the club so you can generate enough speed to send the club head through the sand and under the ball successfully. Some players like to keep their hands all the way up at the top of the grip, while others like to come down an inch or two. Use your practice sessions to find the perfect position for your hands.
  • Make a big swing. Even relatively short bunker shots usually require a rather large swing. The sand is going to take a lot of the power out of your swing at the bottom, so make a healthy backswing and carry your speed down through the sand and into the finish. Many amateur golfers have trouble getting used to how much swing is needed for these short shots, so this is yet another area you can improve on through consistent practice.
  • Bunker shots can be intimidating when you first get started in golf, but experienced players know that they aren’t as tough as they seem at first. We hope the advice offered in this article will help you gain control over the distance of your greenside bunker shots. Good luck!