Hybrid Clubs 3 Downswing Techniques

    The step-by-step directions should give you a clear understanding of how you want to use your hybrids during the downswing phase. We have some other downswing tips we would like to share, however, and we are making those available in this section. Hopefully the following points will be helpful as you practice your hybrid swing technique.

  • There is no rush. Just as was the case during the backswing, there is also no rush to get the club to the ball in the downswing. Remember, there is no clock in golf, which is what makes it so different from many other sports. You can take your time while playing this game, and that includes time spent within the actual swing. Let your downswing build naturally, getting a little bit faster as it goes. By the time you reach impact, you should have had time to do everything necessary to create a powerful, efficient strike into the back of the ball.
  • Watch a specific spot. It is easy to let your eyes wander during the swing. This can be a problem when impact rolls around, as it is hard to make solid contact with something when you can’t see it. To prevent yourself from getting distracted during the swing, pick a very specific spot on the ball and watch that spot throughout your motion. If it helps, consider drawing little markings on various points around the ball so you will have visual options to pick from before starting each swing. By disciplining yourself to watch just one spot during the whole swing – including during the downswing – you can improve your ability to find the sweet spot.
  • Resist the urge to help. Hybrid clubs are designed specifically to make it easier for the golfer to get the ball up in the air. That is what sets them apart from long irons, and it is why so many amateur golfers now leave their long irons in the garage (or never buy them in the first place). This helpful design means you don’t have to try too hard at the moment of impact to ‘lift’ the ball into the air. Instead, just hit through it normally and let the loft and design of the club do the work.
  • As is always the case in golf, repetition is the key to success with hybrid clubs. Once you have a clear picture of how the swing should work, the next step is all up to you. Head to the range with your hybrids and start to accumulate experience. With each shot you hit, you should get a little bit better at striking this versatile clubs properly.