Troubleshooting Your Hybrids Top Techniques

    Even though they are some of the easiest clubs to use in this game, hybrids can still give you trouble from time to time. After all, golf is one of the hardest games in the world, so challenges are never very far around the next corner. If you are running into trouble with your hybrids at the moment, the following list of troubleshooting points may help.

  • Pulling shots to the left. This is a classic sign of failing to use the lower body correctly in the downswing. If you don’t start the downswing with your lower body, the club is going to get too far in front, and the club face is going to close down. In the end, that can only mean two things – a pull, or a slice. If you are doing a good job of releasing the club at the bottom of the swing, it will be the pull that wins out in the end. To correct this issue, you simply need to get your lower body moving earlier in the downswing. If your first move down is a rotation of your lower body, it’s a good bet that you’ll be able to avoid a pull.
  • Hitting the ball too high. This issue can have a couple of causes. First, you may be ‘scooping’ your hands through impact, meaning the right hand is diving under the left. Work to turn your right hand over the top of the shaft as you swing through the ball to avoid this mistake. If you are doing that successfully and still hitting the ball too high, you may have the wrong shaft in your hybrid. A stiffer shaft should help to bring the ball down closer to the ground.
  • Losing distance on tee shots. Do you hit the ball farther with your hybrids when playing from the fairway than you do from the tee? If so, it probably has nothing to do with your technique. Instead, you may simply be teeing the ball too high. Placing the ball too high in the air on the tee is going to lead to contact high on the face, which will lead to a loss of distance in the end.
  • Hybrid clubs are versatile, easy to hit, and beneficial for nearly every category of golfer. However, they are not automatic. You still have to learn how to hit these clubs, and you still have to practice your technique. We hope the advice provided in this article will help point you in the right direction with regard to how you use your hybrids, especially during the downswing. Good luck!