Swing Technique: Possible Problems From Lifting Left Heel

    Anytime you make a change to your swing technique, there is the possibility that problems will arise. In fact, it would be fair to say that you should expect at least a few problems to pop up. After all, this is a hard game, and changing your swing for the better is never a simple task. Instead of looking at these issues as negatives, just think of them as steps that must be taken in order to play at a higher level. By confronting your hurdles head on, you can take a shorter path to improved play.

    The list below includes some of the common problems that will be experienced when letting the left heel lift during the backswing.

  • Standing up out of the swing. This is certainly the biggest issue to watch for when you start to let your heel move away from the turf. Some players, thinking that they are helping their heel off the ground, will actually lift up with their entire body. This is a major problem. When you lift up with your whole body, your knees will straighten and you will change the level of your swing. Not only that, but you will probably inhibit your shoulder turn – which was one of the things you were trying to improve in the first place. Even as your heel comes up, the rest of your body needs to remain level and continue on with the turn. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are making this mistake, try recording your swing on video. It will only take one look at your swing on video to discover any problems you may be having with an upward lift.
  • Sliding to the right. We said earlier that this technique can help you avoid the dreaded reverse pivot. That is true, but it may introduce another concern for some golfers – sliding too far away from the target in the backswing. You don’t want to lean toward the target as you swing back, but you don’t want to lean away from the target, either. The idea backswing is one which is beautifully balanced from start to finish. Focus your efforts on rotation rather than any kind of lateral movement. Think about your swing this way – you should be able to stop at any point during the backswing and feel comfortable and balanced. If that is not true, you need to go back and work on your balance before continuing with the heel lift.
  • Going too far with the backswing. You can have too much of a good thing when it comes to the backswing. Most golfers think they will continue to hit the ball farther and farther as they make their swing longer and longer, but that isn’t how it works. If your swing gets too long, you will have troubles with your balance and you will probably struggle to strike the ball cleanly at impact. Lifting your left heel can be nice because it will provide you with freedom that you did not have previously, but don’t make the mistake of going too far with that freedom. You still want to make a controlled golf swing which prioritizes balance over all else.
  • Lofty expectations can be a bad thing in the world of golf. If you plan to let your heel come off the ground in your next practice session, and you expect beautiful shots to follow immediately thereafter, you are going to be both frustrated and disappointed. You need to be realistic in this game, because it will quickly put you back in your place if you start to expect too much. Plan on having some struggles along the way and work through them methodically until you start to find the results you desire.