Short Game Shot Techniques from Soft Lies

    Not only can you draw a soft lie when you miss the fairway, but the same thing can happen when you miss the green. So, how do you play a short game shot from such a situation? The first thing you need to do is review all of the options at hand. Do you need to carry the ball a significant distance in the air, or can you play the shot along the ground? Just as was the case from farther back, it will be easier to play this shot low to the ground if possible. When the circumstances allow, use a low-lofted club to bump the ball toward the target and let it run the rest of the way.

    When you do have to hit the ball up into the air, you are in for a challenge. That isn’t to say that these shots are impossible, but they certainly are challenging. You are going to need to use a lofted club like a sand wedge or lob wedge, and you’ll need to make perfect contact in order to hit the ball the right distance. Again here, you are going to use a shallow angle of approach to clip the ball cleanly without taking much of a divot. Play the ball up near the front of your stance to make it easier to swing through on a flat plane. Also, consider opening your stance slightly so you can cut the club cleanly under the ball without catching too much of the ground. This is a shot that you don’t want to have to play very often, but knowing the right technique just might allow you to pull it off.

    It should go without saying that you would rather play from firm turf than a soft lie or pine straw. However, golf is not a game that always gives you what you want, and the best players find ways to get the job done even when the lie is less than perfect. We hope the advice provided in this article will help you hit quality shots when your ball comes to rest on a soft lie, or on the pine straw. As long as you have a clear plan in mind when you approach these shots, and you practice your technique in advance, you should be set up for success. Good luck!