Targets in the Short Game Best Techniques

    You need to pick targets in the short game just as you do in the long game. In some ways, picking your short game target is easier, since you don’t have to worry about the ball curving in the air – and you probably don’t have to worry about hazards, either. However, you do have to factor in the slope of the ground, whether you are putting or chipping.

    Overall, the process is going to be largely the same as the long game when you are picking targets in the short game. You should pick out a target line, you should use an intermediate target, and you should take care to align yourself perfectly with the target line. In the short game specifically, it is important to commit fully to your selected target line once you take your stance. It is easy to have second thoughts and try to steer the ball back on line, especially when the shot at hand is a short putt. If you want to succeed in the short game, there is no room for doubt. Believe in yourself, and commit to the decisions you have made.

    We hope this discussion has cleared up any confusion you made have had with regard to targets in the game of golf. This is a game that is all about targets, just as is the case with many other sports. However, in golf, the targets are sometimes hundreds of yards away, making things a bit more complicated. Only the players who have a good plan and have practiced that plan are going to be able to hit their targets time after time. Make sure to work on your aiming routine on the range so there is no doubt as to its capability when you get on the course. Good luck!