Techniques To Recover from a Off Center Face Strike Mistake

Techniques To Recover from a Off Center Face Strike Mistake

Despite our best efforts to provide you with the information you need to hit solid shots and avoid vibrations in the shaft of the club, it is still going to happen on occasion. It’s inevitable. You will hit a few shots thin from time to time, and some of those shots are going to hurt a bit. That isn’t a huge deal all on its own – what is important, however, is that you learn how to recover in time to play your next shot successfully.

If your hands are still stinging by the time you reach your ball and get ready to play the next shot, you are in trouble. It will be difficult to feel that following shot properly, which is a particular problem if it’s a short game shot like a chip or pitch. You need to have all of your feel available, and it simply might not be there for you.

In order to get your hands back in condition to play a quality golf shot, try sticking them in your pockets right away. Once you have hit a poor shot and your hands are stinging, put your club away and place your hands in your pockets. Warming them up is an effective method of getting rid of both the discomfort and the numbness that you may be experiencing. With any luck, you still start to regain the normal feeling in your hands in just a few moments, and you should be ready to play when your turn comes around again.

When it is your turn to play a shot, make a couple of full practice swings before hitting your actual shot, just to get your feel back and get comfortable with the club in your hands. Try making these full practice swings even if you are only going to hit a short chip shot. You should notice that your hands start to feel normal again after a couple of practice swings, and you can then transition into getting ready for the shot you are facing.

It is never any fun to hit the ball thin, and it certainly isn’t any fun when it happens on a cold day. The vibrations that can come up through the club and into your hands can be shocking, and they can harm the quality of your play in addition to being uncomfortable. With the advice provided in this article, we hope you will be able to avoid creating vibration in the shaft on most of your swings. And, when it does occur, you should have what you need to get back on track in short order. Golf is a hard enough game as it is – you don’t need to add stinging hands to the list of obstacles between you and a good score.