Three Thoughts To Help Lower Scores

In this article, we are going to review a few techniques on simple and straightforward ways you can work toward lower scores.

  • Play shorter tees. You might think of this as something of a cop out, but it is actually a good idea for many people. If you are struggling to shoot the kinds of scores you think you should be capable of producing, consider moving up one set of tees. Golf is supposed to be fun, and there is nothing fun about having to strain just to reach the par fours in two shots. If too many shots during the course of a round seem to be out of your reach, trying to play shorter tees and see how you do. Not only should you watch to see how your scores change, but also think about how much you enjoy the experience. If you simply have more fun playing up a tee, make that your new default option.
  • Value each stroke. One of the fastest ways for your score to get away from you during a round is to take penalty strokes. You already know that penalty shots are bad, of course, but have you thought about just how damaging they can be? Penalty strokes are simply wasted strokes that you can never get back. For instance, if you hit the ball in the water and have to take a drop, that drop counts for one shot and it doesn’t help you make progress toward the hole. As you make your course management decisions, remember to value each stroke and do everything you can to avoid having to take penalty strokes.
  • Make your short putts. The ability to make almost all of your short putts goes into the same category as the ability to avoid penalty strokes. It is a waste to make a short putt, since you were already close to the hole and didn’t need to get any closer. Focus on short putting as one of the keys in each practice session so you are ready to knock them in when on the course. Not only will making short putts help you to save strokes, but it will also help your overall level of confidence. Knowing that you can make short putts when they come up, there will be one less thing to stress about during your rounds.

Golf is not an easy game, and it is never easy to find the path of least resistance from the tee to the green. We hope the advice provided in this article will help you make progress with your game, and we hope lower scores are just around the corner. Remember, make the game as simple as you can, and make decisions that are going to keep you as far away from trouble as possible. Good luck!