Techniques On Assorted Balance Swing Points

    On a discussion about the topic of balance, we want to provide a few thoughts that may be of assistance as you work on sharpening your own ability to control your weight during the swing.

  • The golf swing is a rotational movement. This is an important concept to understand while working on your swing technique. Many golfers are mistaken in thinking that there is a lateral component to the golf swing. That simply isn’t true. Yes, your body may move from side to side a bit as the club moves, but that is just a reaction to the lateral motion that is taking place. There should be no intentional lateral movement during your golf swing. By focusing your efforts on rotation rather than sliding from side to side, your golf swing will be a much more efficient, balanced machine.
  • Your finish position is a great report card. The golf swing happens too fast to evaluate your performance in real-time, but everything you need to know about how you have done can be learned from your finish position. Are you comfortably balanced when the swing is complete? Can you watch the ball sail toward the target while holding your position, or do you feel like you are going to fall over? As you would imagine, a well-balanced swing is one which leads to a well-balanced finish. If you continue to struggle to find a good finish position, go back through your swing in an effort to figure out where things are going wrong.
  • Short game balance is important as well. You do need to pay attention to balance in the short game, but it is a simpler topic there than in the full swing. With the short game, you really only need to worry about your address position – the swings aren’t long enough for you to lose your balance once the club goes in motion. Settle yourself into a great stance with even weight distribution and build a platform for quality play. Of course, many chip and pitch shots from around the greens will require you to play from uneven lies, so learning how to build a stable stance on sloped ground is an essential skill.
  • For golf instructors, nothing is more important to pass along than the lesson of balance. If a golf teacher can help a student find better balance, that student is sure to become an improved golfer in the very near future. We hope the information provided throughout this article will help you make big strides toward the goal of playing the best golf of your life. Remember, balance is the most important single part of your swing, so don’t sacrifice it in favor of another fundamental. Create good balance, and then build the rest of your swing from that point. Anything in the swing which has a negative impact on your balance simply has to go. Once you do find great balance, you will be amazed to find just how effective your swing can be. Good luck!