3 Very Important Swing Tip Techniques

    There are 3 Very Important Swing tips we would like to pass along that have not been covered in our other articles. Those tips are listed below.

  • Make a smooth swing. It is always a good idea to focus on making a smooth, relaxed swing when playing a shot over water. You will be tempted to swing hard and aggressively in this situation, but that is exactly the wrong way to go. Do your best to relax and make a smooth swing, perhaps taking one extra club in order to avoid feeling pressure to swing too hard. Not only is this a good tip to keep in mind when you are playing near a water hazard, but swinging smooth is a good choice on any kind of challenging or risky shot.
  • Double check your yardage. The last thing you want to do is make a good swing and still hit the ball in the water because you measured your yardage incorrectly. No matter what method you use to measure distances on the course, double check your work anytime there is water in play. When you stand over the ball to make a swing, you want to make sure that you have complete confidence in the number you are using. Distance measuring mistakes are surprisingly common in the amateur game, so you certainly shouldn’t assume that your first measurement is always correct.
  • Prepare a shot ahead of time. When you know there is going to be water in play on an approach shot, you should think about that fact and adjust your plan off the tee as necessary. For example, if the water isn’t in play off the tee, you might want to play a more aggressive tee shot in order to set up a shorter – and easier – approach. Or, you might want to adjust the line you use off the tee in order to set up a good angle around the water for your second shot. You might not be able to take the water completely out of play by planning ahead, but you should be able to make the shot over/around the water a little bit easier.
  • While it might be a challenge, golf without water hazards would be rather boring. It is features like water hazards which add excitement and drama to the game. You will be frustrated if you hit your ball into the water, but you will get quite a thrill when you manage to pull off a great shot in spite of the presence of a hazard. We hope the tips provided in this article will help you perform at a higher level during upcoming rounds when water comes into play. Good luck!