How to Improving Your Balance - Valuable Practice Time

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use your practice time efficiently when it comes to improving your balance. Unfortunately, balance can be a hard thing to work on, since it is somewhat a byproduct of the rest of the things you do in your swing. You can’t make any one certain move to make sure you remain on balance – you just need to execute your fundamentals properly and in such a way that leads to a balanced swing.

So, how are you supposed to practice balanced golf swings? The following list of techniques will offer some ideas.

  • Stay under control on the range. We mentioned earlier that swinging too hard is one of the main causes of poor balance. Many players, while on the driving range, get into the habit of swinging as hard as possible in an effort to send the ball as far down the range as possible. It can be fun to hit the ball long distances on the range, especially if you are competing with friends to see who can hit the longest shots. However, making these kinds of swings is unlikely to help your balance. Instead of trying to hit the ball so hard, do your best to relax and just make comfortable, controlled swings. Pick out targets that are well within your distance capabilities and focus on using a smooth tempo to send the ball on its way.
  • Hold your finish. One of the best things you can do for your balance is to get into the habit of holding your finish position until the ball comes down. If you are able to hold your pose at the end of the swing, you can be sure you have done a good job of staying balanced throughout the swing. If you are unable to hold this position, something is off with your balance and you’ll need to keep working. This is a good habit to develop both on the driving range and on the course.
  • Narrow your stance. This last point is a bit of a practice drill that you can use to learn how to make controlled swings. By narrowing your stance to hit a few practice shots, you’ll have no choice but to make a smooth, rhythmic swing – your stance will not be wide enough to support a more aggressive action. After a few shots, go ahead and widen your stance back to its usual position and hit a few more. When you go back to the wider stance, but sure to maintain your smooth tempo and see if your balance has improved.

Balance is a critical part of the game of golf, and we hope the information in this article will help you improve your balance moving forward. You may be surprised to see just how reliable your golf swing can be when you maintain excellent balance shot after shot. Good luck!