Stabilizing Your Short Game Techniques in the Breeze

    We have provided you with plenty of information to improve your play in crosswind conditions, but we want to tack on a few extra tips here to wrap up this article. These tips are going to have to do not with your full swing, but rather with the short game. As you know, playing well in the short game is critical on a windy day, as you need to save a few extra strokes which may have been wasted in the long game. To make sure your short game is up to the task in breezy conditions, check out the following tips.

  • Widen your stance. This is a crucial adjustment that you need to make right away when the wind comes up. Maintaining your balance is key to successful short game performance, but it will be hard to stay balanced when the wind is blowing. By using a wider stance, you can stabilize your base and make it more likely that you’ll remain balanced throughout the shot.
  • Take your time. You don’t want to rush your short game shots when the wind is up. Take an extra moment to make a clear plan, and take a deep breath to relax yourself before walking up to the ball. The wind has a way of making golfers rush, so don’t give in to that tendency.
  • Pay attention to short putts. It is always difficult to make short putts under pressure, but that task becomes even more intimidating when the wind is blowing. Just a slight gust during your stroke may be all it takes to knock your putt off line. Don’t take these short putts for granted on a windy day, as a momentary lapse in judgement could wind up costing you a stroke.
  • Playing golf in the wind is an advanced skill. As you gain more and more experience playing in these kinds of conditions, you should get better at producing a good score in spite of what the wind is trying to do to your ball. We hope the tips provided in this article will help lead you to some of the best wind play of your golf career. Remember, patience will take you a long way in the wind, so keep your wits about you and make good decisions all day long. Good luck!