Top Warm Up Techniques To Help Improve Your Golf Game

    You need to have a solid understanding of warm up routines and how they can impact your game. Before we wrap this up, let’s take a look at a few thoughts related to warming up.

  • Adjust on the fly. I should mention, it is possible that outside variables will get in the way of your warm up routine. The obvious example of this issue is traffic. If you plan to have an hour for warming up, but traffic steals 30 minutes from you, it will be necessary to adjust. In this case, you should still be able to hit each of the three categories, but only briefly. Hit just 10 or 15 shots on the range, and consolidate your putting work into a single session. This warm up won’t be ideal, but it can still prepare you for the round.
  • Think about your personality. Some golfers like to have plenty of time before their rounds to simply relax at the course, grab a snack, and enjoy the atmosphere. On the other hand, some golfers hate waiting around, and hate having idle time. Know your own personality and plan your warm up process accordingly. If you’d like to hang out for a bit, consider showing up more like 90 minutes before the round so you have plenty of time. If not, keep your schedule tight and plan out every free moment so you don’t get restless.
  • Start safe. Even with a great warm up under your belt, you’ll still be a little nervous on the first tee most of the time. That’s okay. To get off to a good start, try to be patient on the first few holes and avoid playing too aggressively. Work your way into the round and pick up your aggressive play as your confidence grows.
  • We hope this discussion on golf warm up routines will help you play at a higher level moving forward. It is easy to obsess over your swing technique when trying to improve, but the ‘little things’ in this game can actually take you a long way toward lower scores. Get to work on building your own warm up plan and you will be doing your game a big favor. Good luck!