Find New Motivations To Improve Your Golf Techniques

    Speaking of motivation in golf, you don’t have to play this game only to reach new milestones in terms of performance. Challenging yourself to play at a higher level is certainly part of golf’s appeal, but it does not stop there. Another option for keeping yourself from getting too comfortable in the game is to find other motivations for playing golf. Other than posting lower and lower scores, why are you heading out to the course each weekend? The list below includes some possible motivations that you can use to keep the game fresh.

  • Fitness. Okay, so golf isn’t exactly like long distance running, but it is far better than staying on the couch. You can think of your weekly round of golf as a good way to keep your body active after a long week of sitting at your desk. If you are able, consider walking most of your rounds of golf in order to get a fitness benefit (as long as it is okay with your doctor, of course). Many seniors love to play golf because it keeps them physically active, but this is a benefit that golfers of all ages can enjoy.
  • Sightseeing. Golf courses tend to be beautiful places. While not every course is photo-worthy, you can probably locate at least a couple scenic courses within a short drive of your home. If you make it a point to play pretty courses, you will have an added reason to enjoy your rounds. Even when the pars and birdies don’t add up quite as you would like, you’ll still have the experience of spending four hours outside in a pretty place.
  • Spending time with friends. Depending on the current status of your life as a whole, you might not have much free time to spend with friends. You probably have a career to keep up with, and maybe kids as well. You can think of golf as a built-in way to spend a few hours catching up with some of your best friends. There is plenty of time to chat on the golf course, so you will be able to play a game, get some exercise, enjoy the sights, and catch up with friends all at the same time.
  • It might sound like a good thing to slide into a comfort zone in golf, but it is actually a negative over the long run. When you get comfortable, you start to naturally look for another challenge to engage your mind. You really don’t want to get too comfortable in this game, or in most other parts of your life. With the ideas that we have offered above – along with the first part of this article – you should have plenty of options for keeping the game fresh as the years roll along. We hope our advice plays a small role in helping you enjoy this great game – good luck and have fun!