Reflection Mirror Practice Techniques at Home

Reflection Mirror Practice Techniques at Home

Even if you don’t have time to head to the driving range to work on your game, you can still use the power of a mirror to your advantage. Most likely, you have at least one large mirror somewhere in your home, if not more. As long as that is the case, you can work on your stance anytime you are at home with just a few minutes to spare.

Before getting started, it is important to note that you should not be using a golf club when practicing in your home. The last thing you want to do is break something in your house because you were trying to fit some practice swings into a small space. Fortunately, you can work on your stance just fine without having to take a single club from your bag. Find a large mirror in your home – such as the one in your bathroom, for example, and get to work.

To start, take your stance with the mirror positioned to your right. This will allow you to view your stance from the down-the-line angle that we described earlier. Check on things like the flex in your knees, the angle of your back, and how your arms are hanging down from your shoulders. As a drill, try taking your stance completely without looking at the mirror, then look back to see how you have done. The goal is to be able to take your stance in the same manner time after time without having to make corrections once you’ve looked in the mirror. It won’t be easy at first to build a great stance without checking out your reflection, but you’ll get better and better at this task with time.

Once you have spent some time working on your stance with a down-the-line view, turn your body so that you are face-on with the mirror. Get back into your stance and make sure you are nicely balanced. If you wish, you could intentionally take some off-balance stances to just see what they look like by contrast. Once you’ve seen how uncomfortable you look when off-balance, you can appreciate the importance of settling into a balanced, athletic position prior to making a swing.

In addition to your balance, you also want to make sure that your shoulders are in a good position relative to one another. You don’t want to have the right shoulder higher than your left when the stance is complete, as this is a likely sign of trouble later on. In fact, most golfers are best served when they set their right shoulder just lower than the left. Since you will have a great view of your upper body positioning while standing in front of your mirror, it will be easy to evaluate your performance on this point.

The great thing about using your mirrors at home to practice your golf stance is that you can save time when you do get out to the range for a practice session. You’ll already be quite comfortable with your stance, so you don’t need to invest much time on this point – you can just confirm that you are on the right track, and then move on to something else. Since most amateur golfers have a limited amount of practice time available, sneaking some golf work in during your average day at home is a nice bonus.