Swinging From Inside Short Game Discussion Techniques

    As you know, the short game plays a critical role in how you perform on the course. So does the concept of swinging from the inside-out translate to the short game as well? Not exactly. There are different demands placed on your game when on and around the green, as compared to when on the tee or in the fairway. For one thing, generating power is not a concern. You don’t need to hit the ball particularly hard when chipping or putting, so the benefit gained from swinging inside-out is negated.

    When putting, you simply want to swing the putter straight down the target line toward the hole. The ball isn’t going to fly through the air, so you don’t have to worry about controlling the shape of your shots. It is true that most putting strokes follow a bit of an arc as they develop, but you don’t need to actively think about that when hitting your putts. Just rock the putter back and through using your shoulders to control the action. As long as you execute your technique properly, there should be no trouble with your swing path.

    Things get a little more confusing when you step off the green and face a chip shot, as you are actually going to do the opposite of what we have been describing in this article. For most chip shots, you will be best-served to swing across the ball slightly from outside-in. Using an outside-in action will help you get the ball up into the air more quickly, and it will also help you to produce additional backspin. The easiest way to swing along this path is to open your stance at address. Before hitting the shot, open your stance slightly and then swing the club along the line formed by your feet. This action is a great way to get the ball up in the air on chip shots. However, it should be noted that this is not a great idea when you need to hit a bump-and-run. In that case, keep your stance square and swing right down the line.

    Delivering the club from inside-out is a great way to play your full shots on the golf course. This is a powerful way to swing the club, and it is going to allow you to create a variety of different shots as you keep developing your game. Be patient with yourself when first getting started with this new swing path, as it is likely to take some time to become a natural part of your technique. Good luck!