Soft Courses Techniques: Set the Tone During Warm Ups

    You are going to want to use an aggressive approach to your short game when the golf course is soft. On that point, there should be very little debate. To make sure you are ready to go with an aggressive approach, it is important to warm up with an aggressive style. Get started on the putting green by rolling a few putts from long range. This is going to help you judge the speed of the greens for the day, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your stroke. Even while hitting these initial putts, do your best to roll the ball at least to the hole, if not slightly beyond. Right from the start, you want to be thinking aggressively with your short game.

    If the golf course you are playing offers a practice area for chipping and pitching, be sure to make your way over there before your tee time arrives. It is important to work on this part of your game during warm up, both to build confidence for the round and also to judge the conditions. How quickly is the ball stopping after it lands? Are you going to be able to fly your shots all the way to the hole, or should you plan for a little bounce and roll? The information you pick up during your warm up session can start to pay dividends as soon as the very first hole.

    Back on the putting green, be sure to dedicate some time to short putts as well. While your approach to short putts isn’t going to change all that much based on conditions, you can be a bit more aggressive with your speed. For example, if you hit a three-footer firm on fast greens, you could easily be left with another three-footer coming back the other direction. That isn’t going to happen when the greens are slow. As you prepare for your round, learn how hard you can afford to hit your short putts without risking anything in terms of a long comeback putt.

    Playing aggressive short game shots is about a mindset more than anything else. While preparing to hit your shots, and while standing over the ball, you should be thinking aggressively. Don’t think about just laying the ball somewhere up next to the hole – think about making the shot. The conditions are doing you a favor in allowing you to play aggressively, so take advantage of the opportunity and go for it. Is every shot going to work out perfectly? No – of course not. Many of them will, however, and you should be happy with the results when you add them up at the end of the day.