Techniques and Thoughts on Connection Golf Swing

    Staying connected is an important concept for players of all ages. As a senior player, you need to work on this component of your game because it is going to help you hit more accurate shots. With distance becoming harder and harder to come by in your later years, your best chance to remain competitive on the course is through control.

    To wrap up this topic, we wanted to close the article with a few final thoughts on staying connected in the golf swing.

  • Try punch shots. If you are having trouble finding your rhythm with a connected golf swing, think about hitting some punch shots in practice. By punching low shots down the range, you will be able to focus on making a great turn with the core of your body while your hands and arms stay relatively quiet. After a few punch shots, you should feel much better about your ability to stay connected.
  • Never sacrifice connection for a bigger swing. Some golfers are desperate to do anything they can to hit the ball farther – even allowing the swing to lose connection at the top in order to make a longer arm swing. This kind of sacrifice is not worth it, and will only cost you in the end. Make connection one of your top priorities in the swing and trust that it will serve you well.
  • Stay connected in the short game. Maintaining a nice connection between your shoulders and your arms in the short game is easier than it is in the long game, but it’s still important. Whether you are hitting a putt, a chip, a pitch, or any other kind of short game shot, always be sure to keep the club in front of you throughout the swing.
  • Senior golfers don’t have to give up on playing great rounds of golf or hitting great shots just because of their age. If you are still motivated to work toward a better game, learning how to make a connected swing can take you a long way. We hope the advice in this article has clarified this topic for you, and we think you will be able to make great progress with the help of some focused practice sessions. Having control over the flight of the golf ball is a critical skill, and staying connected can help get you there. Good luck!