Tip Techniques For Double Breaking Putts

    We hope that the advice provided in this article will be helpful in terms of organizing your thoughts on this complicated topic. Double breaking putts are tough, and there is a lot to learn at first. Just like anything else in golf, it is going to take time and practice before you have a reasonable level of confidence in your ability to meet this challenge.

    To finish up this article, we have a few other tips we would like to offer.

  • Slow down and think. It is easy to let yourself get carried away when you find that you’ll need to deal with a double breaking putt. Instead of working through the problem logically, some golfers get frustrated and just hit the putt quickly to get it over with. Needless to say, this probably isn’t going to lead to good results. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a deep breath and just focus on what you can control in the situation. Get a good read, and make a good stroke. That’s all you can do, so do it to the best of your ability.
  • Uphill putts will break less overall. Given the same amount of side-to-side slope, an uphill double breaking putt will break less than a downhill double breaker. This is because the ball is going to be struck firmer, and it will travel faster, up the hill than it will down the hill. Downhill putts always roll slower and break more than their uphill counterparts, which is true regardless of how many breaks are present.
  • Plan your approach shots carefully. When possible, plan your approach shots in a way that will allow you to avoid double breaking putts. If you can see from the fairway that one side of the green has more slope than the other, favor the flatter side with your shot. Game planning is an important part of playing good golf, and simply making the right decisions with regard to your targets can help you stay out of tough spots. Course management won’t always allow you to avoid double breaking putts, but you might be able to reduce the frequency with which you face this challenge.
  • While running into a double breaking putt is certainly a threat to add a stroke – or two – to your scorecard, you should see these types of putts as a fun challenge. Part of the fun of golf is overcoming difficult shots, and a double breaking putt certainly falls into that category. Embrace the difficulty of the moment, work hard to get a great read, and then roll the ball beautifully up toward the hole. When you pull it off just right, the feeling of accomplishment will be extremely satisfying. Good luck!