Club Selection Top 2 Points Chipping

We want to give a couple of points in this this article on the importance of club selection when chipping.

  • Think about your upcoming putt. It would be a mistake to plan out your chip shot without also thinking about the putt you are going to need to hit when the chip shot is complete. Where do you want to putt from? The obvious answer is ‘close to the hole’, but that really isn’t what we mean. Instead, think about which side of the hole is going to give you the best chance to make your putt, and then favor that side while planning out your chip.
  • Experiment in practice. During your chipping practice sessions, spend some time working on a variety of shots with a number of different clubs. Some of the best golfers in the world use rather unique short game shots that they have simply developed through trial and error over the years. Experimenting is a great way to learn about the short game, and it is a great way to stumble onto a new shot which may be helpful to you on the course.
  • You should never feel like you have to use a certain club when chipping just because that would be the standard choice for most golfers. More than any other part of the game, chipping is about individuality and creativity. The best short games are those which are developed through a combination of textbook technique and open-minded thinking. Feel free to develop your own brand of chipping as you gain more and more experience on the course. In the long run, something that you have developed on your own through trial-and-error is going to be far more reliable than something that was built by a golf instructor who just told you what to do. Good luck and have fun!