Techniques To Overcome Common Hybrid Impact Position Mistakes

    In this discussion of hybrid clubs and the impact position, we are going to talk about a few common mistakes. Amateur golfers, while all unique in their own right, tend to make similar mistakes to one another. If you happen to make any of the mistakes listed below, your game should benefit from the advice we have provided on these points.

  • Playing the ball too far back in the stance. Yes, your hybrid clubs are designed to be blends between fairway woods and long irons. No, that does not mean you should play the ball back near the middle of your stance. For most players, it is going to work best to position the ball halfway between the middle of the stance and the left foot. You want to be able to sweep the ball cleanly off of the turf when hitting a hybrid, so work on finding a ball position that will let that happen. The perfect ball position is going to vary slightly from player to player, so experimenting on the range is the only way to go.
  • Teeing the ball too high. When hitting a hybrid club from the tee, you want to make sure to tee the ball low to the ground to make sure the sweet spot of the club can find the back of the ball time after time. It is tempting to tee the ball up rather high in this situation – after all, the ball looks easier to hit when it is teed higher – but that is only going to cause you problems. Tee the ball just over the top of the turf and then use a level swing through impact to strike a clean shot.
  • Failing to pick a ball flight. Just like when hitting any other club in your bag, you need to make sure you have a specific ball flight in mind when swinging a hybrid. What are you trying to do with the shot? How do you want the ball to head toward the target? Making all these decisions in advance will lead to a more decisive, more successful swing in the end.
  • Hybrid clubs are a valuable tool for any golfer to use. If you don’t yet have a hybrid or two in your bag, it would be a mistake to wait any longer. We hope the advice provided in this article will help you use your hybrid clubs to the best of your ability. The moment of impact is crucial when trying to produce quality golf shots, but it is everything that leads up to impact which will determine your success or failure. Take the necessary time to learn how to organize your mechanics in a way which is going to produce satisfactory results more often than not. With your hybrid impact position under control, you can move on to working on other parts of your game. Good luck!