Different Swing Technique Direction Keeping Left Heel Down

As should be clear from the introduction of this article, you do not need to allow your left heel to come up off the ground in order to be a good golfer. In the modern game, most players at the professional level actually leave their heel down during the swing. Some believe that this technique increases the torque in the swing, and that more power will be created in the end. That is not something that is universally accepted, but it does seem to hold true for many of the power players in golf. If you take a look at the swings of many of the best in the world today, you will find that their heels are mostly staying planted.

If you are a golfer who doesn’t have any trouble making a big turn – even with your heel on the ground – there probably isn’t enough to be gained in order to justify a change. This all comes down to the simplicity of your swing. With a simple swing, you can repeat your action over and over more consistently. Of course, consistency is hard to find in golf, so you would be wise to take it anytime you can get it.

It is common for amateur golfers to add and add to their golf swings, until they wind up with complicated actions that take plenty of practice to keep in working order. This is actually the opposite of how you should approach your game. Instead, you should be thinking about subtracting wherever possible. Review your golf swing from time to time and see if there are any pieces that you could afford to lose. What could you take out of your game while still making a solid swing? If you can pull pieces out without losing your effectiveness from a ball striking perspective, you will have moved in the right direction.

No matter what part of golf you are talking about, simplicity is key. Whether it is your golf swing, your short game, your mental game, or anything else, you should always be aiming to keep it simple. When that happens, you will be more consistent and you will feel free to focus on the task at hand. Complicated golf games might come together from time to time, but they are never going to be as reliable as you would like. If there is no pressing need to bring your heel up off the ground during your swing, you might be just as well off by leaving it on the ground.

We hope that this article has shed some light on what has long been a complicated topic in the game of golf. The decision is ultimately up to you with regard to how you use your left heel, but the information contained in this article should help you make a wise choice. Whichever path you take, commit yourself to plenty of practice in order to elevate your game to a new level. Good luck!