Top Techniques On How to Pick a Golf Ball

Top Techniques On How to Pick a Golf Ball

You shouldn’t have to guess when spending your hard-earned money on a box of golf balls – you should have a good understanding of what you are buying, and why those particular balls should work well for your game.

The following list contains some valuable tips for picking the right golf ball, whether you decide to go with Bridgestone or another brand.

  • Start with price. While you don’t want to automatically buy the most expensive balls you can find – high-priced golf balls are not a good match for beginning golfers – you can learn a lot about a golf ball just by looking at its retail price. You can spend a lot of time reading the specs for a variety of golf ball models, or you can just check out the price and learn nearly everything you need to know. In general terms, with very few exceptions, golf balls are going to offer increasing amounts of spin as they increase in price. So, a box of premium golf balls which retails for around $45 per dozen is going to typically provide a higher spin rate than a budget dozen for $20. The spin rate and the overall feel of the golf ball is the biggest difference as you move up the price spectrum. Of course, skilled golfers are able to use those spin rates effectively, which is why they need to use more expensive balls. For a beginner or high handicapper, a cheaper ball is not only more affordable, it is also a better bit. The lower spin rate of a budget golf ball is going to let the less-skilled player keep the ball in play more frequently. Don’t think that buying high-end golf balls will help your game – the opposite is actually true. Analyze your abilities honestly and stick with a golf ball that is an appropriate fit.
  • Think about your game. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ golf ball on the market. Just as is true with golf clubs, the best ball you can pick is the one which compliments your game properly. Do you have trouble getting the ball up in the air? A softer ball with a high spin rate could be a good pick. Are you able to hit the ball way up into the sky, but your accuracy is a problem? A lower spin rate ball could balance out your play nicely. Don’t be influenced by the golf ball choices of other golfers, as they have their own strengths and weaknesses to consider. As long as the ball you choose is a good fit for your game, you have made the right selection.
  • Test on the course. All the research in the world isn’t going to tell you as much about a golf ball as you can learn simply by playing a few holes with that ball on the course. You will be able to see how the ball performs in your game, and you will find out how it feels in the short game. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars buying several boxes of balls, try to purchase sleeves of three to cut down the cost of the testing process. If possible, try to trade golf ball models with friends so you can all try out some various options with minimal expense.
  • Picking the right golf ball is one of the most important steps in bringing together your equipment properly. Most golfers spend hours and hours trying to pick out the right clubs, but the same level of attention is rarely paid to golf balls. That is a mistake. Invest some time in learning about your many golf ball options, and test out the few which seem like they may be a good fit for your needs.

    Getting back to the topic of Bridgestone golf balls specifically, the company has introduced a handy piece of technology which can help you pick out the right golf ball from their extensive lineup. The technology comes in the form of an app, which is called B-FIT. It is a free launch monitor app for your smartphone, available currently on iOS devices (and soon on Android).

    As long as you have a safe place to make a golf swing, you can use the app to analyze your swing. In just a few minutes, you will have a ball recommendation that you can use to get started on your testing process. We would still recommend testing your new golf ball on the course before committing to it for the long term, but this app is a great way to narrow down your selection. If you are interested in Bridgestone golf balls and want to be sure you pick the right one, consider downloading the B-FIT app for assistance.