A Few Bankable Golf Technique Options

    Golf Tip article on reliable golf options, we want to make a handful of quick points. These are tips which you can rely on to help you get through your rounds of golf with a quality score (as long as you apply them appropriately, and practice as necessary, of course).

  • Laying up on long par threes. Yet again, we find a point that most amateur golfers would never even consider. When standing on the tee of a par three, you usually think about knocking the ball on the green with your first shot. That is the typical goal, but what about when playing a long par three with a hazard around the green? Playing all the way up to the putting surface would be nothing more than a mistake. Look for a place to layup on a particularly long and difficult par three to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary trouble. You don’t want to automatically lay up when you encounter a long par three, but you do want to keep this option in the back of your mind.
  • Aim for the wide side of a dogleg. When playing a tee shot on a par four or five which features a dogleg design in the fairway, consider aiming out to the wide side in order to give yourself plenty of room to work with. The average player will frequently try to ‘cut the corner’ of the dogleg, which is usually just going to lead to trouble. Play down the wide side, give yourself plenty of space, and look forward to setting up many approach shots from the short grass.
  • Favor the low side of the course. You should always be looking for the low side of the golf course. When playing an approach shot, consider the slope of the green overall and try to favor the low side whenever you can. It is easier to putt uphill if you do hit the green, and it is also easier to chip uphill if you happen to miss. Professional golfers are constantly trying to keep the ball below the hole, but this is something which usually goes missed in the amateur game. The design of the course can work for you in this way, but only if you know how to take advantage of it properly.
  • You always want to have as many ideas as possible in mind when you head out to the course. A one-dimensional golfer is a player who is going to struggle to create consistency from round to round. Golf is a game which offers its players endless challenges, so it is up to you to have the answers for those challenges. You might not be able to come up with the right solution in each and every instance, but you can do well more often than not when you prepare yourself properly. We hope the options presented in this article will help you form your own methods as you make your way around the course. Good luck!