At Every Chance Practice Your Golf Grip Part 4

    Many golf grip tips that you read will end right there, but it is important that also understand how to practice the proper golf grip. If you are going to get comfortable with your proper golf grip and be able to take it time after time, shot after shot, it is going to require a little bit of practice. The good news is that it is rather easy to practice your golf grip, and you don’t even need to be at the golf course to do so.

    The first way to practice your grip is simply to keep a club out around the house and work on your grip while you are doing idle tasks such as watching TV. All you have to do is just take your grip over and over, making sure to get your hands in the same position each time. Take the grip, check your positions, and then set the club down. If you do this off and on as you go about your daily life, you will find that the club quickly feels more comfortable in your hands.

    When you are at the practice range, hitting one handed shots is a great way to work on your grip and make sure that it is doing what it need to do during your swing. In this case, you should try to hit some one-handed shots using a wedge and only your left hand. Since the left hand is the biggest influence over the grip, try hitting a few wedges while keeping your right hand off the club. If your left hand grip is in a good position, you should have no trouble hitting some decent shots (after a few tries, of course). Obviously these shots aren’t going to fly as far as your normal, two-handed swings, but you should be able to achieve solid contact and get a good ball flight relatively quickly.

    No matter which of the golf grip types you decide to use, it is important to practice your grip as frequently as possible to make it feel comfortable. Ideally, once you step on the course you won’t have to think about your grip one time all round.
    Instead, you can focus your energy on the task at hand, picking smart targets and hitting quality shots. The grip is something that should be sorted out on the practice range so that it is completely automatic when playing a round. If that isn’t the case for you just yet, keep practicing your grip and making small adjustments as necessary until you are happy with the comfort and consistency that you have achieved.